This is my showreel. You can download a: PDF Breakdown document.


If nothing else is written, all work is made by me.

1. Robot

(00:05 – 00:24)

Personal project – 2013

A personal project with the goal to to gain generalist skills while keeping an extra eye on the integration of the 3D objects.

Software: Maya, Mental ray, NukeX, Mari, PF Track, Photoshop, UV Layout

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2. Boxer

(00:25 – 00:38)

Personal project – 2012

An exercise in anatomy, sculpting, shading and a introduction to creating hair in maya.

Software: ZBrush, Maya, Photoshop, Uvlayout, Mental ray, NukeX

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3. Car

(00:39 – 00:59)

Personal project – 2014

An exercise in hard surface modeling, lighting, VRay and compositing. I wanted to work with something full-cg to explore the freedom and challenges and how to aproach it to avoid a cg-look.

Software: Maya, NukeX, VRay, Mari, Photoshop

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2. The forgotten space rock

(01:00 – 01:11)

Student project – 2012

Final year-project at the computer graphics program at Luleå University of Technology. An exercise in creating and integrating 3D objects in live footage.

Software: Mudbox, Maya, Mental ray, Photoshop, NukeX

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4. Ecorche & Super-fisherman clay sculptures – Human anatomy study

(01:00 – 01:12)

Student project – 2012

Ecorche/Skeleton-muscel-dude: Study made during an artistic anatomy course. Made with chavant clay.

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Super fisherman: Study made during an artistic anatomy course. Designed from my own idea and made with chavant clay.

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6. Vfx project

(01:13 – 01:18)

Student project – 2012

The purpose was to gain experience in compositing and creating realistic simulations. The fire is made with Maya´s fluids and particles for the sparkles. The curtains are simulated using Maya´s n-cloth.

I´ve made everything besides the shooting and the practical stage setup.

Software: Maya, Matchmover, Mental ray, NukeX, Photoshop

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A Big Tank you to everyone who in one way or another helped me to create this.